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Since 1992, Sixty-Six Switchgears Co. Pte Ltd has been a well-established business-to-business service organisation in the field of electrical equipment engineering. We undertake installation, maintenance testing, commissioning installing of new equipment and upgrading existing ones. We also provide troubleshooting services. Our well-trained staff are committed to deliver the best services to suit your needs.

Sixty-Six Switchgears Co. Pte Ltd is located at No. 2, Gul St 2, Off Gul Circle, Singapore 629287. Our location houses all our equipments to facilitate our servicing of our clients' needs. We are proud to say that by choosing us, you are in good hands.

We have what you need.

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Sixty Six Switchgears Co. Pte Ltd provides many specialist services such as installation, maintenance, inspection. We can also undertake infra-thermography scanning projects.

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  • No. 2, Gul St 2, Off Gul Circle, Jurong, Singapore 629287
  • +65 6861 5711 (6 lines)
  • +65 6861 9627
  • sixtysix@singnet.com.sg

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us, alternatively fill in the form and send us your feedback and our staff will get back to you.